BMW’s company is famous for producing cars and sedans. It differ routinely pragmatism and enhanced productivity. Series of M-badged high-productivity variants, generally, are often viewed as some of the best productivity vehicles in the whole world. From this we can safely say that the BMW M6, as the company’s flagship performance coupe (and cabriolet) is something very special.

Although there have been couple generations of the M6, it is the most famous. Buyers prefer this particular model. Despite of the fact that this is not quite a sports car, the M6, in association with its 500-horsepower V10 engine, potent brakes and universal suspension, can enter the lists best in the world on just about each road. Simultaneously, it proposes all the splendor and convenience one would look forward from BMW’s convertible and premier coupe. The M6 appears in the break, while the М unit is preparing to launch a new version founded on the upcoming next-generation 6 Series.

Most latest BMW M6

The latest series BMW M6 was released between 2006 and 2010. The coupe was accessible during this time, whereas the cabriolet was only released in 2007. each versions included a 5.0-liter V10 motor that generated 383 pound-feet of torque and  500 hp. traditional six-speed manual transmission was available on all models except the version that was released in 2006.However, for this model the standard manual transmission can be regarded as a seven-speed sequential gearbox (SMG).   If we compare the M5 sedan and M6, we can see that the M6 has a higher capacity. This is explained by the understated center of gravity and lower weight.

The new M6 is cabriolet looks like a major sixth series of low-slung coupe style. But this is particularly unique in the rear and front panels. These panels help to increase the productivity and aerodynamic efficiency. The car looks like a sports car. Externally, the car is also features exceptional finishes, mirrors, paint and wheels.

Experts believe the performance of this car is just gorgeous. BMW M6 ride is just a delight for your ears. Motorist life certainly gets much better with such excellent car.

It seems logical that it is fully programmable car. It has three different motor’s program which differ from each other in the horsepower range from 400 to 500.

M6 owners can enjoy beautiful, but restrained design in car’s interior.  «iDrive» interface has been much improved, which will get rid of a lot of buttons, levers and switches. But in spite of all the great positives, the car has a couple of drawbacks. M6 cannot boast spacious enough. It is very comfortable for two people, but no more. Luggage compartment is also small.

BMW M6 version, which was removed from the flow

The very first version of the M6 sold in the U.S. for a short time, since 1988. 3.5-liter engine powered these cars. It gave a total of 256 horsepower. Company ceased to produce this series in 1989.